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Brendan McCarthy, Fly-fishing Captain and Welder/Fabricator, builds hand made, from scratch, Argentine-inspired Parrillas, Asados, Chapas and Braseros. Restaurants, Commercial and Residential. These are all made of American products. Check back soon to see a short web-video series on how these wood-fired grills are generally used.

Argentine Parrilla Grills

  This is a restaurant level, structural steel, american made Argentine Parrilla wood-fired grill with side Brasero and repurposed Cast Iron hand wheel from the 1920's. It is 54" long, 28" deep and 72" high. It weighs around 300 pounds. This grill is inspired by Francis Mallmann, a world renowned chef from Argentina, who has single-handedly inspired the "Live-Fire" movement of large format cooking over wood in the outdoors. Before I met (and went fishing with) Francis, I didn't know any better than to cook over gas flame. He inspired me to look further, chase taste and the techniques that led me to build my own grill. This is the final product and has kept me busier than I ever would have thought. Wether it is a whole 20 pound Striped Bass, An entire suckling pig, A rack of ribs or a peck of eggplants or peppers, these grills give you the control to cook with more taste than any other outdoor technique I have seen. The signature "V" grill is solid stainless steel (as is the tray) that enables the juices of your meat to flow into a catch basin, avoiding smoke and fire that might ruin your entree. Cooking with "Live Fire" is as old as humans themselves. This grill is just the culmination of all that history in a package that will last, clean up easier, and taste the way cooking did back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth!! It would not be fair to compare this with the cheap chinese, disposable, gas grills on the market today. I have built and sold 30 in the last year, including 6 that are what we call the "mini"-It is exactly 2/3 the size of the regular one. 36" wide and 22" deep. Same height. 

The list price of the grill is $3600. The "mini" is $300 less

*If you are wondering what makes these grills different than the others out there (west coast only for some reason)  Here are 5 reasons-1. They are completely welded, no bolting or screws. 2. They have alot more steel, such as a high back for fire sparks and wind as well as 2" tubing for the cart. Most are much thinner. 3.  They have extra large wheels for grass and gravel unlike all others. Small casters have no place on a very heavy grill such as these 4. The cart is fully "boxed" for stiffness and longevity. The legs will never bow or bend. ever. 5. A vintage re-purposed wheel instead of a $5 Chinese type. 6. A marine-grade custom cover. Also a removable Brasero. An advanced slider/pulley system for vertical movement, and a removable grill top*

Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. I am willing to deliver within 50 miles of Brooklyn NY less tolls, etc. 

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