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Instructions for ordering 60" Cart Grill Cover. (approx $160)

Go to “Covers and All” at


-From the Front page click on menu for “Industrial Covers” (2nd from left, next to “all products”)


-Chose “Machine Covers”


-under measurements input

















-Select Fabric

I find this to be the best
















Save this file and upload to this section


-Chose this for a zipper on back. Definitely helpful








-And lastly, here is the dimensions/artwork for the 60”.  Save this Dimension artwork and upload to this last section. 





 Click ADD TO CART and input all your details. 

Use the code COVERSAVE for a discount. I believe it is 30%



If code dosent work, google “covers and all discount code” for another one. Or look on their front page for a code. 

That said, these are really well made. Far and above all I’ve seen.  I have asked for this company to give me a QR code number so people could just input that and order without all this, but for some reason, that I cannot figure out, they will not accommodate this.

I have tried many ways and failed at getting them done for me in bulk,  thus I am choosing to spend my time on my skill of metal fab!


Thanks so much


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