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Starting at $2400, these drop-ins are very versatile and can fit and excel in a number different scenarios. Generally built in 36", 48" and 60" sizes they can also be built to your specs if your counter is already built or if you have something in mind.Every one is special built. we do not stock these. As a rule 1/3 of the width will be dedicated to the structure and the Brasero, like above. The rest is for Stainless grill top. The Braseros are made to be removable to make room for cleaning or if you are using charcoal chimneys. Grill depth is usually 24" deep.  All grills come with a custom weatherproof canvas cover.I would recommend an inch of space on either side and 4-6 inches of space in front for work/cooking space. Please let me know if you have an questions. I like this new design for many reasons. 1. they are much  sturdier than all others on the market, heavy enough to sit in place so no Bolting or screwing. 2. they do not have to fit within 1/8th"  hanging on the side of the firebox, as there are so many variations.That is a huge bonus, no calls to the Mason to fix and size your pit 3. They can moved in for the winter easily but are free standing. The grill top itself is removable, for cleaning,  without any fasteners or tools needed. 4.If you move, it is likely this will fit on your new area. 5. there are no screws or bolts holding this together. It is completely welded and finished.
36" @ 2400 48" @ 2750 60" @ 3500
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